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Apr 20, 2017 - Working the Wok - 3 Stir-Fries


Apr 20, 2017 - Working the Wok - 3 Stir-Fries

Lia Soneson

Rolling Pin Kitchen Emporium
Working the Wok with Asian Stir-Fries
We’re huge fans of fast, stir-fried meals where the delicious flavors of vegetables and meats are sauced with magical flavors and assembled quickly. Stir-fries are often our answer when a quick meal is needed.

IN THIS ISSUE, we have ten top tips for mastering stir-fry techniques. Then, we’ll practice this quick cooking method with three recipes – one from Indonesia, another from Thailand, a favorite Chinese noodle dish, and a bonus Green Bean recipe. Fire up the wok, and let’s get stirring.
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All About Stir Frying
RECIPE: Indonesian-Style Fried Rice
Sambal Oelek
Stir-Frying Top 10 Tips
Top Tips
Top Tips
Recipe Tip
RECIPE: Thai-Style Basil Chicken
Perfect Tools for Stir Frying
RECIPE: Beef, Broccoli and Baby Bok Choy Lo Mein
RECIPE: Restaurant-Style Green Beans
Working the Wok with Asian Stir-Fries