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July 20, 2017 - More Ways to Enjoy Summer Sweet Corn

Lia Soneson

Rolling Pin Kitchen Emporium
Big Green Egg Headquarters
Summer Sweet Corn
There’s a wonderful window in mid-to-late summer where fresh sweet corn abounds. It’s the time when locally harvested sweet corn is at its best and enjoyed immediately! IN THIS ISSUE, we’re making the most of sweet corn season with great tips for how to prepare, how to enjoy, and three delicious recipes to try now. How sweet it is!
Lemon Basil Designs


Kids and Tweens Camp
All About Corn
RECIPE: Grilled Corn with Quinoa Summer Salad
Corn Salad
Preparing Corn
Microwave Corn
Essential Tools
RECIPE: Sauteed Corn with Bacon, Scallions, and Garlic
Quick Saute
Enjoying Corn
Mexican Street Corn
Corn Coins
RECIPE: Fresh Corn Summer Salsa
Salsa Time
Saving Summer Corn
Save Corn
Corn Rows

Feb 16, 2017 - Make Easy Moroccan Flavors at Home

Lia Soneson

Rolling Pin Kitchen Emporium
Master Moroccan Flavors
You don’t have to be a Casablanca aficionado to be swept away by the magic of Morocco. Offering both inhabitants and visitors a complete sensual feast, Morocco buzzes with a rich history, a vibrant color palette and a culture of complex flavors that will leave your taste buds both pleasantly surprised and delightfully satisfied.

IN THIS ISSUE, we explore a few key flavors of Moroccan cuisine along with some very doable recipes that you can easily make with success the very first time. Join us for a little taste adventure!
Master Moroccan Flavors
New Instructor - Siambanes
Master Moroccan Flavors
Anatomy of a Tagine
RECIPE: Preserved Lemon and Green Olive Tagine
Tips for Mkaing Preserved Lemons
Preserved Lemons
Spices and Flavors of Morocco
Tools for Mastering Moroccan Cuisine
Master Moroccan Flavors
RECIPE: Moroccan Meatball Tagine
RECIPE: Savory-Sweet Carrot Ribbons
Carrot Ribbons
Master Moroccan Flavors

Nov 3, 2016 - Fresh Ideas for Thanksgiving Sides

Lia Soneson

Rolling Pin Kitchen Emporium
Fresh Ideas for Thanksgiving Sides
Thanksgiving is such a great holiday! It's an annual event that unites all Americans with different traditions, all centering around thanks and gratefulness for bountiful food, family, and friends. We’d like to offer our own thanks – we are grateful for YOU, our wonderful family of customers.

IN THIS ISSUE, we’re recommending three colorful vegetable sides that provide a little pizzaz to the traditional Thanksgiving. We've included our handy Thanksgiving checklist, as well as some key knife basics. First time carving a turkey? We've included a bonus “how-to” video below.
Fresh Ideas for Thanksgiving Sides

November 12 Events

Featured Classes
Book a Private Party
Thanksgiving Checklist
RECIPE: Spicy Corn Succotash
Easy and Quick
Bonus Video: How-to Carve a Turkey
Thanksgiving Tools
Anatomy of a good knife
RECIPE: Prosciutto-Wrapped Green Beans
Keeping your Knife's Edge
We Offer Knife Sharpening
Roasted Harvest Vegetables
How-To Wrangle a Butternut Squash